H. Access Card (Security Card)

1. The access card can be applied at the Management Office and it is used for access via the security gates.

2. Each Unit is allocated with four (4) numbers of access cards.

1. Access cards issued above the allowable number will be charged at S$20.00 per card (subject to GST) (maximum of 2 cards per Unit) and is non-transferable. Units requiring extra cards will be considered on a case-by-case basis and documentary evidence is required to prove that the applicants are residing in the Condominium.

4. Access cards are issued only to the Subsidiary Proprietors. For tenanted apartments, tenants are advised to collect the access cards from the Subsidiary Proprietors.

3. The Management reserves the right to request for documentary evidence to prove that the applicant(s) is/are residing in the Condominium before issuing the access cards.

4. Charges on lost and damaged access card will be S$50.00 (subject to GST).

5. To replace a lost card, a letter declaring the loss of the card is required.

6. Please inform the Management Office of any lost cards. The lost card will be void from the system.

7. When a Unit is sold, all access cards issued must be surrendered to the Management Office, failing which a charge of S$20.00 per card (subject to GST) is imposed for the application and payable by the new owner.

8. Guests to the Condominium are not eligible for the access card.

9. Due care is to be exercised to maintain the working condition of the access card. Keep all cards away from the magnetic device/ fields and place them in a cool dry place when not in use.